Center Cam: A better Connection

The purpose of our company is to help you have better connections with your people- whether its family, clients, prospective clients or friends, Center Cam is putting relationships at the center of your online work.

Center Cam is committed to facilitating high-quality tech solutions that put people at the center of our tech.

Center Cam began because of a problem. Inventor Ian Foster was finishing an internship as a counselor when COVID-19 hit. He and his fellow interns transitioned to remote-counseling through video-conferencing technology, but the young men they were working with were distracted by the tech. No one knew where to look. The rapport they had built fizzled out. Ian knew there had to be a better way. He realized the problem is where the webcam is placed. Throughout 2020 he began developing prototypes and when he was satisfied with the quality of the camera, he launched Center Cam. The impetus for Center Cam has always been connections, and we're happy to share this new possibility with you!