Center Cam Update May 10, 2022

Shipping update
As of May 10th we have fulfilled all customer camera orders up to April 26th. We’re expecting two more shipments of cameras to arrive toward the end of this week, May 16th, and another around the 25th. We expect to get mostly caught up to orders made by May 10th and prior customers with the shipment arriving this week. Expect your cameras to ship by early next week, May 16th. For customers between May 10th and the 25th, your cameras will be shipping at the end of the month. We appreciate your patience with the delays.

Pre-sale clarification
We’ve been asked by a number of people “if we’ve shipped cameras, why is it a pre-sale?” It’s not a pre-sale in the sense we’re raising funds for an idea before we buy inventory. That was what our crowdfund campaigns were about. We’ve launched our Shopify store because we’ve already shipped 17,000 cameras, and we have the manufacturing and distribution to scale up. What we’ve had trouble with is keeping inventory on the shelf. So, this is a rolling fulfillment, more than a pre-sale.
Ring lights
Of note for Deluxe Package customers- there has been a delay with manufacturing of ring lights. We’re expecting a shipment within the next two weeks, but we decided to go ahead and send the cameras separately instead of waiting until the entire kit was here. This incurred an additional cost to us, however we felt like it was appropriate to get you your cameras as soon as we possibly could.