PR Release – Upgraded Camera

World’s Middle-Screen Webcam Releases Newest Version

Upgrades produce stronger image and more crisp audio

Orem, UT, April 12, 2022 – Center Cam, the webcam on a mission to create better human connections online, which became a massive success on Indiegogo with over $2M raised, is excited to announce the release of its latest upgraded version.

Center Cam is the world’s middle-screen webcam, delivering a deeper human connection through its eye-to-eye™ HD camera technology. This latest version features a higher quality image, a longer flex-tube for bottom-up camera positioning, and improved audio. 

“In a perfect world, you can buy whatever chip you want, configure it how you want, the process takes a couple weeks, and everyone gets off work at 5pm. The reality is, between the actual pandemic and the chip-set related delays- we've had to take more of a "ready-fire-aim" approach based on what is available in the chip market, and what we can deliver in a timely manner. The most recent version represents improvements we've been pushing for since the beginning, including better white-balance, improved mic, passive heat-sync, and some upper-level spec improvements our technophile backers have been suggesting,” said Ian Foster, Center Cam inventor and CEO. 

Foster saw a need for a solution to a growing problem as COVID-19 started to take hold in 2020. Completing an internship as a counselor at the time, Ian and his team transitioned to remote counseling through video-conferencing technology. There was a problem though: Ian couldn’t keep the teenagers’ attention because eye contact was lost, causing frustration to him and loss of rapport and engagement with his clients. 

Most webcams are placed at the top of the screen, meaning we must look up into the lens in order for people to feel like we’re looking at them. It also means that by doing so, we can’t see the people we’re talking to, leading to a game of webcam ping pong, looking up, and down, up and down. We’ve all been there and know how annoying it can be! As the pandemic grew, Ian set out developing prototypes, eventually launching the first iteration of Center Cam.

“So much has changed in the last 2 years. It looks like we’re coming out of the pandemic portion, but so many things will never be the same again. Remote work is here to stay; and it isn’t a bad thing. Imagine how much more parent time kids are going to have if parents aren’t spending 30-60 minutes a day on the road? Now we have to figure out how to make video conferences more dynamic so we don’t lose the magic and energy of in-person settings. The importance of being able to look at each other, communicating with direct eye contact, is so critical as we find a new way of maintaining old social norms,” Foster said.

Smaller than a dime, this improved version of Center Cam is fully adjustable, featuring a flex-tube and integrated screen-edge clip for middle screen positioning, which allows you to look at your camera with ease. It’s an innovative solution that allows you to maintain an authentic human connection, even in the most unengaging circumstances. Most experts agree that the majority of communication, somewhere around 90%, is non-verbal. This is another important problem that the improved Center Cam addresses, allowing you to consistently monitor all communication in the new virtual world.

Center Cam has applications, not just for personal use, but across business, healthcare, education, sales, training and so much more. 

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This release was also published on PR Newswire on April 12, 2022.