A Better Connection!

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Center Cam puts people at the center of tech.

 The Center Cam webcam allows people to see each other while they're in a video-conference.

The majority of webcams are placed at the top of the screen. For people to feel like you're looking at them, you have to look up into the lens. But, this also means you can't see the people you're talking to or the notes you're referring to. What ensues is a process of looking up, and down, up, and down. More importantly, we lose a basic human connection necessary for communication, the 90% which is non-verbal.

Center Cam fixes this problem by putting the camera in the middle of the screen, right where the action is.

So whether you're using the Center Cam webcam as a corporate gunslinger working with three screens and 10 windows during your video-conference, or a therapist working with one very important client for the entire session, when you look at the person on the other end of the meeting, you will see them, and they will see you, in real time.

Center Cam is the only camera on the market that facilitates this simple, vital aspect of human connection. Its almost TOO much eye contact. :)

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