Increase student engagement

Captivate your students online, using our Eye-to-Eye™ HD camera technology.

Increase Student Engagement

Whether it's a lecture or presentation, create trust faster with the feeling of an in-person meeting, using our Eye-To-Eye™ HD camera technology.

Establish Authority

Educate, present, and engage online with greater confidence as you capture every detail of your students in HD real-time without losing eye contact.

designed for busy educators

With our convenient camera flex-tube and patented clip, you can position your Center Cam™ where you want it when you want it with ease.

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Eye contact is important in any business and being present (or at least appearing that way) is critical to my success and the impression my clients, team and prospective clients have of me. Center Cam is a dream come true.

Deanna M.

I have a more engaging presentation. When I present materials and PowerPoints, students seem more connected with me and the presentation. I also feel like it creates a better social experience because you are looking directly into the camera. When using the CenterCam during meetings, the communication experience is enhanced by the nonverbal cues expressed with directly looking into the camera.

Alex L.

Let's be honest, one of the things that I worry about when I am online with my high school students is what I look like, so I am constantly looking at myself on camera every once in awhile to make sure what I look like (Just be honest, you know you do it too!). So, now, I can put the camera right in the middle of my face on the screen. I LOVE IT. Now they have no idea I am just gazing at myself half the time.

Elizabeth N.