Build Trust faster

Connect with your audience, using our Eye-to-Eye™ HD camera technology.

Accelerate Client Trust

Whether it's a discovery call or a presentation, create trust faster with the feeling of an in-person meeting, using our Eye-To-Eye™ HD camera technology.

Establish Authority

Educate, consult, and engage online with greater confidence as you capture every detail of your prospect in HD real-time without losing eye contact.

designed for busy professionals

With our convenient camera flex-tube and patented clip, you can position your Center Cam™ where you want it when you want it with ease.

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Center Cam has solved the lack of eye contact that has been sorely missing from our services ever since the pandemic began. I couldn't have predicted how important that connection would be. Center Cam helps to close the gap between in-person meetings and remote work for our team and our clients.

David J.

I love the way Centre Cam allows me to connect with the person/people I am engaging with on Zoom. Because the camera is right where they are on my screen, they experience that I am looking at them. The same thing applies when I need to use a script. This has revolutionised my Zoom interactions.

Alison D.

The Center Cam was just what I needed to help me focus on the guests, not other screen distractions. Plus, it has increased by "eye contact" with my "viewer" when I am recording just myself for video posts. Was excited to open the box and get started.

Brett J.