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Captivate your audience with Center Cam™, using our Eye-to-Eye™ HD camera technology.

Accelerate Trust

Whether it's an online client session or a hearing, create trust faster with the feeling of an in-person meeting, using our Eye-To-Eye™ HD camera technology.

Establish Authority

Educate, position, and convince online with greater confidence as you capture every detail of your audience in HD real-time without losing eye contact.

designed for busy professionals

With our convenient camera flex-tube and patented clip, you can position your Center Cam™ where you want it when you want it with ease.

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Looking directly at the person I'm speaking to on a web call improves my web conference calls. I am more involved in my calls and pay more attention since it feels like an in-person discussion. When I go back to working in the office I will definitely need to purchase a second Center Cam.

Steven B.

It has provided a much better and more personal connection with clients during video calls. If it stopped working today, I would have another ordered prior to close of business!

John M.

Ability to look directly into camera on video conference calls on my desktop monitor, rather than looking above or below camera using other webcams.

Douglas S.