Who's talking about Center Cam's webcam performance and use for Zoom calls?

We've had the opportunity to share the original Center Cam, the premier middle screen webcam, with many reviewers. They've evaluated the first generation Center Cam's technical features and characteristics as a webcam that enables eye-to-eye(TM) contact to create A Better Connection(TM) between humans involved in video conferencing platforms including Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Here are a few of the reviews!

We appreciated the review of Center Cam's original webcam written by Tom's Hardware and explaining that even "Nvidia’s AI-powered eye tricks can’t beat sticking a camera in the middle of your screen" when it comes to creating eye contact.

Grit Daily's article tells the story of Center Cam's founder and hits home on the the psychology behind Center Cam; most cultures use non-verbal and eye contact as part of the communication process. In fact, the vast majority of “message” that is communicated between humans is non-verbal. Screen-edge webcams give all that up because to present yourself well; you have to look into the lens- which doesn’t allow you to look at the person you’re talking to simultaneously. Center Cam operates in the middle of the screen and allows you to see the non-verbal PLUS maintain eye contact.

The author of a review on TidBits clearly pointed out how Center Cam solves the "Webcam Eye Contact Problem"; "When videoconferencing became the norm during the pandemic, we all became aware of a basic problem with webcams—even when you’re looking at the other person’s image on your screen, the webcam that actually records where you’re looking is somewhere else, making it difficult to maintain eye contact."

CGMagazine included Center Cam's center screen webcam in its nominees for Best Webcam 2023. The review explained that "Having the Center Cam directly on your screen takes a little getting used to, but the camera itself is small enough to not be considered too burdensome. When placed correctly on your monitor, people will see you looking right at them both when you are talking and when they are. People who need to create a connection with people remotely will have their best chance by using the Center Cam. Whether for Business or Personal use, it brings people together and helps them see eye to eye."

We appreciate the time that these authors and outlets have taken to help tell the world about Center Cam's middle screen webcam for video conferencing on platforms including Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.